Psychopharmacology - Dr. Jospitre is a general adult psychiatrist, who treats a wide range of mental health conditions: mood, anxiety, attention, and substance abuse disorders. His evaluation consists of a standard DSM evaluation, combined with precision integrated medicine, and lifestyle factors assessment. Dr. Jospitre works to identify sources of dysfunction in your brain to create a comprehensive treatment plan that smartly combines medications, supplements and psychotherapy. Dr. Jospitre also prescribes Suboxone for opiate addiction.

Psychotherapy - Dr. Jospitre combines different styles of therapy to understand your internal life, and the mechanisms that drive your feelings and behavior. He uses this information to help you change your internal "wiring" to achieve your goals.

Student/ Work Performance - Dr. Jospitre can evaluate if underlying psychiatric issues are hindering your performance at school or work. Optimizing your brain’s health will maximize your ability to achieve your highest potential.

Text Therapy - Dr. Jospitre offers an unlimited executive text therapy plan for innovative support. You can inquire below.

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